Smart Start Cheese Dip is a silly spelling game where players use mice tails to hook cheesy letters and spell three-, four-, and five-letter words. The game is for one to four players and comes with 37 letters, 20 two-sided cards (eight sets of five words), four mice, a bowl, and a die.

To play, give each player a mouse and put all the letters into the bowl. Each player also takes a word card from the same color stack. One player starts by rolling the die. If the die lands with a color showing, the player with that color mouse gets to try and hook a letter in his word. Be careful, though, because if you hook the letter but drop it before bringing it to your card, you don't get to keep it. If the die shows a multi-color circle, all players get to try hooking a letter one at a time. If the die shows a cheese wedge, the player who rolled the die has to put one of his letters back into the bowl. The last player to hook a letter or return a letter rolls the die next. The first player to spell his word with the letters wins.

Smart Start Cheese Dip